Be Your Own Inspiration

Learning who you are is the only true way to be happy.

Don’t wait for people to inspire you , inspire and teach your self.If there’s one thing I hate, its people forming their opinions in life strictly around what they have been taught to believe from their family members or friends. Earlier this week I was thinking about some of the differing beliefs between myself and some of my family members and I started feeling bad for having a different opinion than they do. I was suddenly confronted with the reality that nobody can control what I believe except for me. Although I love my friends and family, there are just certain topics that we feel differently about, and that’s okay. Believe in your own opinion and do not kill yourself trying to please others .You are the CEO of your life and your life is your kingdom ,everything that happen there you will will control .Solve your own problem by your self don’t always wait for others to that for you.

People spend too much of their lives trying to impress others and worrying what others think of them when in reality, if people are truly a good part of your life, they’ll stick around regardless of your different stances on things. I hear people my age talk about their political or religious views, yet when asked why they believe certain things their only response is, “Well, that’s how I was raised.” Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that people shouldn’t have the same beliefs as their friends and family, I’m just saying only to share those beliefs if you truly believe them in your heart of hearts.Learn that true friends always stay with you no matter what happen . People think they have to stay caged into the bubble that they were born into, but you don’t. This time in your life is meant to teach you about yourself and your own ideas. It’s fine to make mistakes and learn from them, just make sure that you actually do learn from them. Don’t let others control your happiness, and decide for yourself what you want to believe and what you value. Just because someone else votes for a certain candidate or believes a particular religion, doesn’t mean that you have to. Your mind is the only thing that nobody else can copy, hold onto it and be proud of every single idea you have. Don’t keep yourself in the bubble that is what you have always known. Branch out, seek other things, and make mistakes—they just might be your clarity. You don’t have to be any certain way, and the people who matter will value your individuality. There will always be someone better than you or someone who doesn’t like you, so why try to please that person when there’s another one around the corner to take their place? Be your own inspiration—because you’re the only one that can decide what you want to believe and where your life is headed. Learning yourself is the only true way to be happy.So be wise……….

I’m dying for a collabo with Wizkid – Seth



The indigene of Abia State who grew up in Olodi Apapa, Lagos, and who started making money working as a dancer at the National Theatre at a tender age before he discovered singing added that he was so overwhelmed by Wizkid’s success at the recently help MOBO Awards that he broke down in tears, He said: “I broke down in tears when I heard that Wizkid won the MOBO Award for Best International Act, beating the likes of Jay Z and Drake and all the big names. That was a special moment for me.” Seth, who is a graduate of Political Science and who recently dropped a new single entitled ‘Office’ said Wizkid has always been his inspiration even though he fancies some other singers just as good: “Wizkid has always been my inspiration though I look up to a number of other acts like Tuface. However, Wizkid’s has also influenced my dress sense. He is a fashion icon. I am so proud of him. D’banj started this movement when he hooked up with Kanye West back in the day but now, Wizkid has taken the game to a whole new level. My dream is to do a collabo with him. It would be a dream come true having myself and Wizkid on the same song.” Speaking on his recent single titled ‘Office’, the fast rising singer said: “Office is a song encouraging people to work hard in order to be the best they can be in life. It is an inspirational song that teaches that your talent is your office and you need to exploit it to achieve your dreams.”

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